Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint Development & Training

SharePoint Consultancy (BI)

SMYL offers consultation to help improve:

  • Company-wide content management approach
  • Company efficiency
  • Business process
  • SharePoint integration or implementation
  • Document organization
  • Data reporting
  • Business intelligence solutions
  • Asset management

SharePoint Development

SMYL Solutions has the right team to help realise your ideas whether it’s web application development or robust software to a new level of e-commerce websites.

We cover important fundamental and administration topics before going into development because we believe that to be able to make proper customization; the developer needs to understand SharePoint throughout. We focus on cost effective SharePoint development because everything can be customized but not everything should be.

SharePoint Training

SMYL’s innovative training makes learning exciting, flexible, interactive and effective. We provide simplified and tailored training for anyone wanted to gain expertise in SharePoint with all coverage of every topic using examples and practical sessions.