Consulting, IT Strategy & Architecture


Management Consultancy

Companies need much more than just a good ERP or business product for a successful solution implementation. SMYL management consultants engage with the client to help them work through detailed business strategy in conjunction with an ERP implementation (or as a precursor to the implementation). This is vital to allow robust and lean processes and also helps align the business solution to support the business better.

SMYL does not view solution implementation as a pure IT function but believes IT as an enabler, a key Business Function and more often than not, a Senior Management Function.

Four core principes which SMYL follows:

  • Focus on the Relationship: Understanding the personality and expectations of the client.
  • Clearly Defined Roles: Defined roles and responsibilities for both clients and consulting team.
  • Visualize Success: Helping the client see the end at the beginning.
  • We Advise, They Decide: the client is the best person to decide.

IT Governance

Implementation of a business solution is more than just about product knowledge. Where required, SMYL works with the Business and IT leads at the customer to establish a robust IT Governance model. Strong sponsorship, ongoing stakeholder management, communication and risk management all form part of strong IT Governance that SMYL is adept at.

With IT governance SMYL intends to accomplish two goals: Assuring that the investments in IT generate business value and mitigating the risks that are associated with IT.

Business Process Re-engineering

More companies now realize that often the benefits of a business solution implementation come through an extensive understanding and aligning of the business processes. SMYL consultants lead from the front in mapping processes and helping companies align these for best practice.

IT Strategy & Architecture

SMYL works with companies to help define their IT strategy to allow them to get the best value from investments in solution implementations whilst having a long term clarity and ability to support the business applications at minimal cost. The solution architecture, engagement, training and mentoring plans are drawn accordingly to ensure the approach is aligned with the IT strategy.

Reporting Strategy

Companies often ignore or leave the reporting requirements until the end of the project. SMYL approach reporting from a strategic perspective and use their experience and knowledge of Dynamics AX to determine the optimal option for the customer. This can involve assisting with the standard AX reports or creating bespoke SSRS reports, SMYL leaves no stone unturned in providing the data management best suited for the client.