Dynamics AX Performance and Data Management

Dynamics AX Performance & Data Management

Performance Management

Optimising Dynamics AX: SMYL helps the clients in optimizing the whole AX process and related functionality allowing a smooth transition in the client’s organisation to an AX environment.

Code review: SMYL can review the quality of the AX code and technical deliveries and provide constructive feedback, ensuring that the code is of the highest quality, the deployment is always error free and code quality can be improved.

Health check: As part of our Health check service, we do a thorough evaluation of the current AX solution implementation and provide detailed report to the customer on how well the solution has been delivered, the areas that require attention and how to address them.

Reporting Infrastructure

SMYL can offer an offline reporting solution for businesses who are facing performance issues with live reporting out of AX. The solution allows businesses to balance the level of real time reporting with the demands on system speed and performance.

Data Management

SMYL offers Data archiving, Data management and Data migration services as part of its Data Management services.