Microsoft Dynamics AX training & mentoring

Microsoft Dynamics AX Training - SMYL

Develop deeper AX expertise within your organisation

Most companies send their staff on Microsoft Dynamics AX training courses with a view that they acquire good AX functional knowledge and learn how to develop AX further. However, most classroom training is unable to achieve this objective and post training the staff get back to doing their previous jobs and are unable to deliver the value that was expected of them by the organisation.

SMYL approach is to help you learn AX and embed this knowledge within the organisation by working with you in a partnership approach. Prior to any MS Dynamics AX training, SMYL AX trainers and consultants go through and understand:

• Your IT and solution strategy
• Your AX project and resources
• Your current skills and skills gap

Over the years SMYL has delivered several programs including recent successful Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 training that have helped organisations build strong in-house skills and balance it with external support. These programmes focus not only on understanding Microsoft Dynamics AX functionality and ‘coding’ but also embed a ‘solution mindset’ in your team while promoting a strong use of AX best practices.

For any of your classroom/online Microsoft Dynamics AX training requirement, feel free to get in touch.